Robotic tap systems: Arcos tailor-made solutions

Robotic tap systems: Arcos tailor-made solutions

The taps sector has always been considered one of the excellences of Made in Italy, in fact, Italy is among the world leaders in the production of taps and accessories, but with two main districts: Novara and Brescia.

From the beginning Arcos has always supported local companies, producing reliable and safe manual machines; the same companies have managed to make aesthetics and precision their strong point.

What are the needs of this sector, and how does Arcos propose itself as a professional partner of great advantage? We talk about it in this study, with a particular focus on robotic systems for taps.

For surface processing of taps, it is important to have safe, fast and effective machines.

The metal components of the taps sector are characterized by irregular and articulated shapes, which require greater attention so that they are worked in every single point and detail. Through their stability, ergonomics and longevity, Arcos machines always guarantee a result worthy of expectations.

Over the decades, companies in the taps sector have also chosen to introduce more advanced technologies in order to increase production and the correct success of processing through the modeling of production lines, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes. Due to the continuous evolution in the industrial field, Arcos has developed innovative solutions that also allow the taps sector to automate even the final phase of the process: grinding and polishing.

Knowing the needs, requirements and quality standards of the sector, special surface processing systems have been created, consolidating a synergy lasting more than half a century with this type of clientele.

Quality and reliable components: the choices of Arcos

The reliability of a partner does not derive solely from the experience of the brand. The same is confirmed not only by the skills acquired over time, but also by the individual components that characterize the robotic systems. Following this philosophy, Arcos has relied on the largest brands in the automation sector to ensure the best possible result for the customer:

  • The presence of Fanuc robots: Japanese robots which, thanks to their yellow color, are recognized all over the world, are characterized by their reliability and safety in the field of robotics. Fanuc is able to produce robots that are easy to program and within everyone’s reach, from the novice to the most experienced technician. In addition, the brand provides assistance to the end customer for even greater security.
  • The Siemens brand: guarantees the communication and transmission of data by obtaining reliable performance and results.
  • Pneumatics from Festo or SMC. Both brands allow their consumers a quick supply of spare parts.
  • Sensors manufactured by Keyence, Sick, Renishaw or Cognex companies offer accurate and reliable inputs.

Arcos aims to resolve the customer’s problem, focusing on reliability and trust, thus eliminating any kind of concern.

Taps and fittings: the Arcos case study

An application that shows how Arcos is able to meet the needs of the sector in question can be seen in this video:

This cell stands out for its versatility, as it is equipped with two triple grinder units each of which formed with different contact wheels (different diameter, height and material depending on the surface to be machined). In addition, the possibility of equipping the various units with belts longer than 3 meters gives the unit great autonomy. The belts can be of various grains depending on the desired result of the customer.

To ensure agility in movements, the Fanuc M-710iC / 50E robot equipped with an off set wrist, uses a special pincer studied, designed and built by Arcos which is able to reproduce all the movements usually carried out manually by the operator.

For the cleaning process Arcos uses sisal and / or cotton wheels and, when necessary, uses special abrasive pastes that are inserted inside special spreaders (produced by Arcos), which guarantee the least possible waste of the abrasive paste. The wear of the brushes is also constantly monitored in order to adapt the path of the robot to the diameter of the brush.

Everything is therefore designed to give elasticity and flexibility to the machine, and make it suitable for processing different types of parts through simple operator settings, such as: collet change, table position change, robot recipe change, etc. This allows Arcos customers to automate and make productive the finishing processes that have been under the careful hands of local artisans for years.


Technological advancement, with the introduction of robotic systems within business processes, is increasingly placed in various production sectors, including that of taps. The elements of this area, characterized by small objects and elaborate shapes, require precise and meticulous surface processing. To do this Arcos has perfected the automation systems for the grinding and polishing of faucet surfaces so that they can better embrace the needs of each individual customer, offering the best possible solution.

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