We want to make the process of making, testing, and installing our robotic systems as clear and understandable as possible for the companies that choose to have us by their side. This is how Arcos operates.

What does Arcos testing consist of?

After the machine is made, a testing phase is carried out at Arcos headquarters before it is shipped to the customer company. During this phase, the customer can check the operation of the machine while machining the parts so as to provide any feedback. This makes it possible to be sure that everything works perfectly, without the slightest hitch.

What are the testing timelines?

The timing and mode of testing changes depending on the needs of the individual customer. It is possible to test the machine for one hour, for as long as it takes to see it cycle under production conditions, or for as long as it takes to process tot number of parts.

This step provides an understanding of whether the machine meets the requirements and characteristics requested in the beginning by the company.

Who participates in the testing?

It is recommended that the client company’s project manager, operative and quality manager be present.

My company doesn't know how to manage a robot. What skills are needed? How can I acquire them?

It is essential that each company designate an internal operations person capable of handling the new Arcos technology to the fullest. To do this, it can rely on professional training in several steps:

  • – Even before the machine is ready, he or she can gain programming knowledge through Fanuc courses that best introduce people to the world of robots.
  • – Before testing, the designated machine operating person can deepen his knowledge of robots through a one/two-week course at Arcos headquarters. Here he will be explained machine and programming principles, with a special focus on his own installation.
  • – During the installation phase, he will go into detail about the technology.

What happens after the testing phase?

The machine is delivered to the customer to start the installation phase at the destination site. Arcos technicians, together with the company operator, complete the installation by providing even more specific information than the training conducted so far. In this way, the trip to the customer will have even more value.

Can testing be conducted at the customer's site?

The testing phase is specially designed to be carried out either at Arcos headquarters or at the customer’s site. This allows for greater control over the machine, with the ability to fix any problems immediately. After the testing phase at Arcos, the machine is disassembled and, then, re-installed by the customer with the same testing steps carried out previously. All testing is certified.

After testing and installation, how do I get in touch with Arcos if I need to?

From the first contact with Arcos, the company is assigned two contacts who will follow the entire life of the machine. A mechanic and a programmer that he or she can contact directly for immediate and tailored support.

Each system is provided with a remote connection to have access to the robot and fix any type of electrical fault even remotely. For mechanical faults, Arcos technicians will intervene directly.