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Our aim is to provide machinery and systems which are universally recognised as not only reliable, but also combined with cutting-edge technology. Our values are to design and offer the best possible technology and be a solution provider to combat the problems of deburring, polishing, cutting, grinding, and several other applications. The long-time experience of Arcos in the surface finishing field began in 1965, immediately becoming a leader in the production of the ARCOS’ manual machines. This has allowed us to develop numerous skills in all finishing processes, with particular attention to the tools required.

The continuous need for process optimisation has imposed a constant effort for the technological development of our machines that was revolutionised with the advent of robotics. Boasting a very long experience as a robot integrator, today Arcos is world leader in the production of robotic systems for grinding, polishing, deburring, satin finishing and much more.
Our robotic stations or cells are designed and manufactured by our team of highly specialised engineers and programmers in robotics, mechatronic and industrial automation, who are all experts in all surface finishing processes.

All our automated systems are designed to adapt to the production needs of the customer, allowing us to offer a customisable and flexible product. The know-how developed over the past 55 years, obtained from the experience of automated processes allowed us to extend our skills in industrial automation, creating large automated production facilities for well-known companies.

It is our determination to always combine our professional experiences with those of the Customer, so that we can quickly translate our efforts into a winning technical solution. This first phase is concluded by generating the proposal for an installation suitable for the objective.
If you want to invest in the technological development of your company, Arcos can meet your demands.

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The electrical/electronic engineering office of Arcos consists of people with several years of experience in the field of design and construction of industrial automation facilities.

The design of electrical panels and the realisation of the PLC program is entirely entrusted to a team within the company. This way Arcos can give a quick and fast response to the customer when assistance is required.


The technical mechanical office is the most advanced you can have in a robotic company. The technicians we employ have many years of experience and advise customers in the best choice for material components.


Starting from the delivery of the system, the assistance of our customer is the priority.
From the training of the customer, to make him competent in the use of the system, through to a􀆠er-sales assistance.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

The cell station supervision system is fully developed with LabWindows/CVI, an ANSI C IDE (Integrated
development environment) environment.


Arcos choose the robot most suitable for the application and employ a team of technicians for the start-up.
Within the Arcos’ staff there are numerous technicians who in years of experience have developed the skills necessary to govern robots correctly.
The robot technicians are distinguished in:

  • Process experts: to help the customer in obtaining the desired finish result with the use of cutting-edge tools and making the best performances by using abrasive belts, tapes, brushes, etc.;
  • Programming experts: To help the customer in optimising handling by making the most of the robot’s


Pierfranco S.

Robot Software Programming Department Manager

I work every day with great enthusiasm and passion, to demonstrate the high competence of all our professionals who represent the real added value to Arcos know-how.

Stefano D.

Head of mechanical department

Working in Arcos is a daily, motivating and satisfying challenge to find simple, elegant and efficient solutions.

Federico S.

Electrical department manager and IT manager

Working with cutting-edge technology means never stopping learning. Arcos’ great attention to research and development allows me to acquire increasingly specific skills for the use of the latest generation of tools.

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