Indexers and
cnc rotary tables

These automatic finishing machines are therefore ideal for applications in sectors such as:

  • Design and Furniture
  • Household and Appliance
  • Pots, Pans and kitchenware
  • Fashion and Luxury Accessories
  • Much more …

Indexers and cnc rotary tables

Arcos rotary tables are essentially distinguished in:

Continuous rotary tables

indexed – cnc rotary tables

Arcos indexed – cnc rotary tables are ideal for intensive production but still smaller than a continuous table. They are ideal for more complex and precise machining operations but still require high productivity. The rotary table in this case has a multi-stage, indexed rotation to allow more precise machining. For more complex applications, it is possible to equip the work units with CNC or NC Robot controls, making Arcos rotary tables extremely flexible in movement and therefore precise in machining, allowing even more complex surfaces to be machined.

What we have already accomplished

Arcos rotary tables are designed for surface treatment and finishing of metallic materials.

Characterized by several stations/working units organized around a rotary table, the advantage of Arcos rotary tables is to significantly reduce the cycle time thanks to the simultaneous processing of the various operating phases.

Arcos rotary tables are able to work pieces of any material even with very complex geometries; therefore, they are able to satisfy requests from different sectors

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