Industrial Polishing System: discover our innovative solutions | Arcos

Industrial Polishing System: discover our innovative solutions | Arcos

Today’s manufacturing world has at disposal extremely performing and reliable robots, adopted in almost all fields of industrial production.

For several years we have been able to apply robotic technology to polish processes even in cases of objects characterized by complex geometries. In fact, now robotic systems are fully capable of replicating human work and reproducing it continuously without errors and waste.

The introduction of these systems had immediately the aim of eliminating repetitive and alienating tasks for operators, without exposing them to dangerous agents and conditions and thus reducing any physical risks associated with carrying out unsafe activities for their health. Furthermore, the other main objective that Industry 4.0 requires automation is to be able to increase productivity and product quality, as well as improving and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Improving the quality and speed of production are two of the standards that characterize industrial polishing systems, in fact, polishing has always been carried out in an artisanal way which, consequently, implies experience and maximum attention. Thanks to the study of this manual activity, Arcos has identified solutions capable of blending together both automatic manufacturing processes and the refinement offered by the skilful hand of master craftsmen: discover them in this article.

Polishing, or brightening, is a fundamental finish to make a product aesthetically appealing. In fact, the aesthetic characteristics of an accessory or a product can be decisive in the purchase phase: an opaque pot or an unfinished extraction hood, although functional to their purpose of use, would not be purchased due to the poor pleasantness of their look.

Polishing is an essential operation not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional for the conservation of surfaces, to preserve them from atmospheric agents and keep them intact over time.

Both automatic and manual polishing require a preparation of grinding to be carried out first and then a precise calibration of the sequence of abrasive pastes and brushes to obtain the desired degree of polishing.

In fact, it is precisely the combination of pastes and brushes that allows to obtain different degrees and effects of polishing, thanks also to a series of special fibers, such as cotton, sisal and tampico, also combined with each other.

For this reason Arcos has implemented various robotic technologies capable of ensuring optimal polishing performance of the products: robotic cells and rotating tables.

Arcos robotic cells are programmed to allow them to respond to any type of customer need. The robot has the possibility to work in complete autonomy without the fixed presence of an operator: this translates into low costs and optimized revenues, and in a completely automatic and continuous production.

The strengths of these systems are certainly to be found in the flexibility, in order to be adapted from time to time to the various requests, as well as in the reliability offered by the HMI supervision system that allows operators to interact with the machines, that have been entrusted to them and to display in real time alarm messages or instructions that allow them to modify the operating parameters in a simple and direct way.

Each robotic system works through automatic grippers that grab the product and position it in front of a moving wheel which, thanks to the application of particular abrasive pastes or sprays, removes the surface layer of the piece, thus polishing it.

Rotary tables are particularly suitable for processing a large number of items with simpler and more linear geometries. In fact, they find their maximum application in the furnishing design and fashion sectors, especially for products such as household accessories, appliances and luxury details.

These are available in three different types. The first solution is the continuous rotation table: its high production capacity is based on the usage of the uninterrupted rotation of the work table and the automatic wear control of the brushes. The second is the indexed rotary table that allows better control of the finish on each unit. The third, on the other hand, is the CNC rotary table, which combines the features of the indexed rotary table with the use of innovative and flexible cleaning units.

Arcos has three different types of wheels available: in cotton, resin cotton and sisal fiber for different uses and degrees of polishing.

The rotary table system is used not only in the functional polishing process, but also in the aesthetic polishing process, especially with reference to furniture and haute couture products.

The value of a piece of furniture or an accessory, in fact, is determined by the quality of the polishing as much as by the peculiarity of the material itself. For this reason, the collaboration between Arcos and the customer is fundamental in the design phase so that the system can reach the perfect and desired degree of polishing.


Polishing is the manufacturing process that has the greatest impact on the final result, especially in terms of appearance and shine. The action of polishing allows you to remove any imperfections present on the surfaces, such as scratches, halos or incisions.

The main solutions studied by Arcos have numerous advantages, including: an excellent quality level of the finish, the speed and reproducibility of the execution and greater safety for the operator.

Arcos constantly invests in the research and development of components that can further optimize processing times in the polishing phase, aiming to create robotic machines capable of carrying out operations that guarantee reproducibility of the product’s handcrafted finish.

Intelligent robotics has changed the way human operators work in manufacturing processes. If you want to have the best systems at your disposal to speed up and optimize the finishing processes of countless items, contact us, the Arcos team will be at your disposal to identify the best system for your surface finishing needs.


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