Article in the Corriere della Sera of 28 April 2021 | Arcos

Article in the Corriere della Sera of 28 April 2021 | Arcos

It is a great honor for #Arcos to see that its story, made of commitment and passion, has been told in one of the most important italian newspaper. Read it below:



The history of Arcos srl has distant roots, born in 1965, and still firmly linked to the Brescia area and the passion for finishing surfaces. Arcos immediately positioned itself on the international market as a leading manufacturer of manual machines for surface finishing, but the attention to the needs of customers and production plants soon led it to the creation of tailor-made solutions that were in able to solve any problem of grinding, deburring, polishing, cutting or grinding.

With the advent of robotics, the Arcos team has been able to integrate robots with automated systems designed to adapt to the customer’s production needs and to revolutionize and optimize finishing processes, optimizing production and the quality of work.

The growing spread of Arcos machines and systems has led the company to open a branch in the United States with the aim of promoting sales in North America more effectively and guaranteeing customers timely and accurate technical support.

Arcos robotic systems are the result of a mix of competence and reliability made up of the experience and capacity of two very important offices: the electronic one and the technical-mechanical one.



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