Schunk Expert Days 2023: robotic material removal innovations

Schunk Expert Days 2023: robotic material removal innovations

Nestled among the hills of Brackenheim-Hausen, Germany, a key event for the world of robotic automation unfolded: the Schunk Expert Days, this edition focusing on “Robotic Material Removal.” This meeting, held on October 25 and 26, 2023, gathered some of the leading companies in the automation sector to share innovative projects and discuss the latest trends.

This annual gathering also witnessed the participation of Arcos. How did these meetings originate, what themes were tackled in this edition, and what does the future hold? Let’s delve into that.

The origin and value of the meetings

The Schunk Expert Days – led by Schunk, a leader in tool holding and workholding technology, gripping and automation technology – originated in 2022 from the increasing need to address challenges posed by the rapidly expanding demand for innovative automation solutions.

In all major industrial sectors, there is a trend towards increased automation, partly due to a growing shortage of labor. Consequently, more small and medium-sized enterprises are turning towards simpler and more flexible automated solutions. This opens new challenges for those in robotics, system integrators, component manufacturers, and suppliers of consumables. Therefore, the Expert Days were formed to create an international network for robot-assisted processing. Here, experts can exchange ideas, learn from each other, and develop new ideas and commercial projects. The participation of professionals from around the world makes these meetings a beacon of international innovation and collaboration.

An intersectoral exchange of knowledge at the highest level

With 70 specialists from Europe and North America, the event promoted fruitful dialogue on topics such as artificial intelligence and best practices in robotic processing. This meeting paves the way for further innovations and cutting-edge solutions through collaboration and the sharing of experiences.

Themes and Arcos’ involvement

Over the intensive two-day period, the focus was on development potential, best practice solutions, and future trends in all phases of the robotic part processing process. Renowned speakers’ technical presentations transmitted the latest knowledge directly from development and industrial practice, stimulating constructive discussion.

Among the speakers was also Arcos, represented by Export Manager Nicholas Veschetti. Arcos’ presentation focused on the topic of increasing demands for material removal through robotic solutions.

focused on the topic of increasing demands for material removal through robotic solutions.

The event not only presented tried-and-true practices but also the latest trends and their practical application. Discussions included the application of artificial intelligence in robot path planning, robotic processing of aerospace components, and innovative solutions for automated reworking in car body construction, demonstrating the wide impact of automation in industrial production.

All these themes pave the way for the trends, innovations, and technological discoveries that will be at the heart of tomorrow’s industry.

A network of innovations for the future

This event represented a valuable opportunity for growth and exchange, providing fertile ground for innovative ideas and future collaborations. We look forward to the innovations and partnerships that will stem from these stimulating and productive meetings.

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