Satin aluminum finish: what it is and how best to do it

Satin aluminum finish: what it is and how best to do it

In the vast panorama of metalworking, aluminium satin finishing emerges as the final treatment to obtain a homogenous, semi-gloss or matt finish, necessary to prepare surfaces for subsequent processing. 

In this article, we will explore what aluminium satin finishing is and some tips on how best way to do it.

We will also discover how Arcos performs this process and with which specific machinery.

What is aluminium satin finishing?

Aluminium satin finishing is a metal finishing process designed to give a matt texture. The result is a smooth surface free of imperfections. 

This technique is useful for both aesthetic and functional purposes and for concealing scratches or marks of various kinds.

How best to do it

The aluminium satin finishing process starts with the careful preparation of the surface: first of all, the surface must be cleaned from any residues.

Next, a thin layer of abrasive paste is applied and a satin-finishing machine is used that will perform this process correctly and precisely. 

Once satin-finishing is complete, the part can be further treated to protect the finish and improve durability.

Satin finishing: how it is done in Arcos

Arcos’ robotic systems allow satin finishing to be carried out precisely and uniformly, ensuring a high quality finish on every part. 

Thanks to their flexibility and ability to adapt to a wide range of sizes and shapes, Arcos satin-finishing systems are ideal for a variety of industrial applications ranging from the machining of automotive accessories to the production of fashion accessories and furniture.

The best tools for performing this process are the robotic systems. These systems can ensure an excellent finishing.

In conclusion

Aluminium satin finishing is a fundamental process, and by using the right tools and following best practices, high quality and durable finishes can be achieved.

With Arcos solution you can improve your surface finishing in a more efficient and reliable way.

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