Arcos and the art of robotic training: the key to perfect finishing

Arcos and the art of robotic training: the key to perfect finishing

Industrial robotics is not merely a matter of hardware and software; it’s a blend of skills, training, and innovation. Knowing how to fully harness an industrial robot can mark the distinction between a successful operation and a potential setback. That’s why education plays a pivotal role in this domain, and Arcos offers its customers dedicated training days, cultivating them into experts of their robotic systems.

The value of training in industrial robotics

We’re in an age where automation and robotics are increasingly ingrained in industries. Navigating this shift necessitates a profound understanding of the tools at our disposal. Training isn’t solely about mastering robot operation; it also entails grasping how to incorporate it into production for peak performance. Arcos, a frontrunner in surface finishing robotics, deeply acknowledges the importance of this training, considering it an essential pillar for its clients’ success.

Arcos’s client-centric training

Consider, for instance, one of the most recent training sessions Arcos organized for its clientele. Across two separate days at Arcos s.r.l.’s headquarters in Gussago, training centered around “Fundamentals of Robotic Programming for FANUC Manipulators” was provided. The primary aim was to bestow participants with the vital skills required to operate an ARCOS Robot cell.

FANUC Manipulators rank among the most recognized and widely utilized industrial robots. Throughout the session, attendees were granted the chance to learn everything about robot mechanics and controls. From understanding the mechanical unit, transitioning to the controller, and culminating in a safety system analysis, each topic was honed to offer a holistic grasp of robot operations. The course’s depth even extended to the graphical interface and the programming terminal’s keypad—indispensable tools for those aiming for full machine mastery.

The key areas covered included:

  • Mechanical and control unit description
  • Plant safety analysis
  • Manual robot operation
  • Reference system analysis
  • Creation and execution of a test program
  • Backup

Arcos training’s hallmark is its hands-on approach. Beyond theory, students were afforded the opportunity to engage directly with the robots—learning how to maneuver them, craft movement programs, and tackle typical challenges. Through targeted exercises and Q&A segments, each participant could cement their skillset and gain confidence in managing these intricate devices.

Tailored training for your business

For businesses keen on venturing into industrial robotics or those looking to refine their existing prowess, Arcos provides tailored, top-tier training sessions. Every entity has distinct needs and unique challenges. With customized training, they can attain precisely what they require.

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