Indexers and
cnc rotary tables

Choosing a custom grinding machine is a significant step towards optimizing production processes. Not only does customization guarantee unmatched precision in the finishing of your products, but it also offers significant advantages:

  • Allows you to adapt the machine to the specific needs of your company,
  • Improves efficiency and reduces waste of time and material,
  • Allows you to achieve high and uniform quality standards,
  • Guarantees that products meet the highest requirements.


Continuous rotary tables

indexed – cnc rotary tables

In addition to offering highly specialized machines, Arcos provides comprehensive support that goes from design, installation, and system maintenance. The dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the ability to provide efficient solutions that contribute to improving productivity and competitiveness. Relying on Arcos means investing in a successful future in the field of surface processing.


Each grinding system has been developed to meet the specific needs of the customer’s reality. The solutions contain unique details and equipment, designed to adapt to the best possible production reality.

Arcos custom grinding machines are able to work pieces of any material even with very complex geometries; therefore, they are able to satisfy requests from different sectors

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