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spare parts - accessories


Tongs for Robot;

  • internal and external polish and glaze of pieces of small/big dimensions
  • tongs endowed of 2/3 blocking claws
  • possibility to stopping particulars of different diameters and heights, simply changing the sectors of block
  • available blocking tongs for pieces froma least diameter of 30mm to a maximum of 180mm
  • for smaller and bigger diameters it is possible furnishing tongs on application rotary tables;

continuous rotary tables; Application for handle industry, sanitary taps, furnishings, arms industry, automotive, textile industry of famous maisons, and more over.

Automatic guns for liquid abrasive paste

The ARCP-SPRAY has been conceived for the dosing of emulsions, also between the most aggressive like abrasive liquid pasta used in the field of the polishing of the metals.
This gun automatic spray to hight pressure is to apply to every type of structure and automatic or semi-automatic buffer.
The driving of the gun happens through the compressed air, that can be commanded to mean magnetic valve or valve to pedal or manual.

To the driving of the cylinder air, the pole penetrates in the room of the material (pasta) provoking escapes it of the emulsion of polishing that is expelled through the nozzle after the opening of the piece of closing.
The pressure, given birth to from the pole to the penetration in the room of the material, it behaves around 80 bar (80 Kp/cm2) to a pressure of command of 5-6 bar.
The consumption air is of around 0,5 m3/h, with an interval of least spray of 1 second.

Acting on regulation is possible to regulate with precision the dosing of the material.
The gun has a mass of 1,9 Kgs. The management of the emulsion toward the gun can happen is from a reservoir to pressure (pressure of 6 bar), is through a pomp to pneumatic feeding through flexible pipe (pressure 3-8 bar).
The ampleness of sprinkle depends on the employed nozzle; here following we bring a chart of the in demand nozzles and from us recommended.

Solid abrasive paste feed applicator

Automatic distributor of solid abrasive emulsion with pneumatic advancement. Ideal for applications on robotic cells or machineries with rotary tables; it does not need electric linkages and permits the most versatility for the choose of the kind and dimensions of emulsion.

Mechanical and pneumatic belt tightener

Mechanical, pneumatic belt tighteners and special pneumatic belt tighteners with two return rollers; Different types available, they satisfy every kind of need.

Machine guard

Security guards of protection and aspiration for grinding and polishing machineries pursuant the CE Norms. Available different kinds, included in the machine kit.
ATTENTION: for Extra Europe market are available EXPORT versions of our manual machineries, saleable without Security Guards.

Contact wheels

Contact wheels every material and dimensions, production on application.
Centrifugal expansion and inflatable wheels.
Worn out wheels cover service.

Return roller

Aluminium return rollers 170x120 mm and rubber return rollers 200x120 mm, different dimensions available on application.
Furthermore, we furnish catapol, polyurethane and ceramic return rollers.

Half Shafts, flanges, nuts and lock keys

Always stocked in our warehouse spare parts for "ARCOS" machineries to guarantee our customer a fast delivery.