Arcos S.r.l.



ARCOS has been working in the field of surface finishing since 1965.

We have always been devoting ourselves to the realization of machines and systems universally recognized as a synonymous of reliability and technical lead. Our work consists in projecting and realizing the best technology for solution of a large range of problem of grinding, buffing, polishing, cutting, bevelling and generally of automation difficults.
To understand better secrets of our success we think we are obliged to explain how we develop our projecting and producing work in ARCOS. First of all, we always start with a careful analisys of problematics put to us and our Customers' observations.
Is our strong determination to combine our personal professional experiences with our Customer ones, so we can quickly put our efforts in a winning technical solution. This first step generates the propose of an adequate plant for the object attaintement.
CAD projecting
CAD projecting, strenghtened by tests effected in Company, determinates the certainty of attaintement designs. Following confrontation with Customer and its approval permit system production.
Naturally, in ARCOS opinion, to produce means to create only and exclusively high quality machines. This implies that we must scrupulously follow an ancient formula formed by capacity, professionalism, a rigouros industrial process and a modern technolgy strenghtened by the best international components industry. An excellent productive process generate firm, effective and dependable.
Assistance and reparation polishing and grinding machines
Clearly our roll does not finish with the starting of our systems. Our expert practitioner team permanently guarantees a fast and careful assistance service where our machines are placed Our essential object is, and always it will be, our Customers' complete satisfaction.